Introduction to Work

You fly through grade school, skate through junior high, to graduate high school and attend college. To gain a skill in a specialized field of interest to change the world. Yes, that was me also. You worked through high school and college, but only to get by as I study to change the world of course.

Employment: the exchange of money and other non-monetary benefits for time, your time, aka work.

That took 12 years and 8 jobs later to learn. About every 18 months which I found out was normal for many others as well. I probably would have stayed at my first or second job if I knew then what I know now.

  1. Work isn’t about applying my sought after knowledge.
  2. Work isn’t about my dreams of the corner office.
  3. Work isn’t even about my desire to change the world.

I would not be working if I won the lottery. I would not be working if I inherited England. I would not be working if I had a million dollars.

Though my site, I plan to share my gained knowledge of work and how to survive work,

Stop back soon for the first lesson.